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Every item of Dami furniture is a creative invention that is first brought to by putting pencil to paper, whereupon the careful choice of exceptional materials and colours ultimately render it fashionably subtle. Dami’s luxury furniture combines elegance and contemporary design in a way that raises interior design to the next level.

Daniëlle de Ruijter
Head of Design

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Dami Interior

Both individuals and business partners can rely on Dami Interior for interior design.

Dami Luxury Interior

Dami Luxury Interior is known for its unique, luxury furniture design.


DMLUXURY’s most luxurious accessories take any interior to the next level.




“There is no room for compromise when it comes to the detail, the materials and the design as a whole.”


Daniëlle de Ruijter basically conceived the idea of setting up Dami while decorating her own home. She relished the absolute freedom she had in doing so, constantly in search of that one particular detail in an item of furniture that makes it so unique. It was then that she discovered just how important detail and choice of materials are in the field of furniture design. In fact, the idea for Dami arose from an eye for detail and finish, a taste for stylish materials and a unique and creative vision of furniture design.

“If the initial design of an item of furniture is the flower, then the material is the stem. A flower cannot exist without its stem.”

Rich materials, luxury furniture

If the initial design of an item of luxury furniture is the flower, then the material is the stem that supports it. In other words: the incorrect choice of materials can seriously detract from a splendid design, while the appropriate materials complement and reinforce it. Dami’s designs therefore often feature materials such as high quality leather, bronze, marble and walnut. Rich materials that make a powerful, yet natural impression.

Warm colours

Their combination of the sleek lines of modern design and warm shades of pastel colours help distinguish Dami’s luxury furniture from the sterility often associated with modern design. This involves the use of basic shades like of such as beige, pearl and champagne, in combination colours such as bronze and warm grey. As bold colours and black are used only very sparingly in the details, Dami’s colour palette lends its collections extra warmth.

“The importance of detail always takes precedence over cost and effort.

Detail makes all the difference

It is ultimately the detail that distinguishes Dami. This is largely due to the fact that no alteration whatsoever to its designs is permitted as the design process progresses. In other words: even though a particular detail may appear impossible to create, Dami perseveres until it is achieved – sparing neither cost nor effort in the process.

“Its designs are more than simply a visual statement; Dami complements interior decor with stylish, timeless and unique designs.”

Stylish, timeless, unique

Each and every item of furniture designed by Dami meets the highest standards. From the choice of materials to the attention to detail. Its furniture designs are more than simply a visual statement; Dami complements high-end interior designs with stylish, timeless and unique designs.