Interior Styling

Interior design goes together with finishing off the furniture pieces with luxury accessories, all in line with the latest trends. Interior design projects at Dami are consequently a total concept. From luxury lighting and exclusive art to luxury table books and diffusers. The luxury accessories from our webshop DMLXRY are used to give an interior that little bit extra.

“‘The right home decoration enriches an interior.'”

Accessories van DMLXRY

With great attention and extreme care, we have put together our exclusive, changing collection of home accessories. We work with luxury designer brands that share our passion for interiors. Examples include ONNO, Guaxs, Missoni and MDF Italia. This is just a small selection of our luxury brands. It is important to us that your interior make you happy and that you enjoy every time you walk in. Luxury stimulates our senses and in a unique way you know how to set yourself apart from the rest.


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“The mere sight of stylish furniture and objects is a true feast for the eyes and exudes luxury at its best.”

Villa Brabant Dami
Interior by dami