A phenomenon in itself, the Pearl coffee table possesses a rare sense of luxury. Let us introduce our masterpiece to you, the Pearl.

The Pearl coffee table has a pronounced and steadfast design. Its perfect combination of elegant shapes and luxurious materials render it truly unique. The Pearl is available in various sizes, colours and combinations of high-quality materials. For example, you might opt for Stone slats combined with an Arrabescato marble top. Whatever combination you choose, the Pearl coffee table remains one in a thousand.

Please contact us or one of our dealers for further details of the custom options available. We can then proceed to truly bring your idea to life.


Pearl tops

Arrabescato marble

Cafe Amaro marble

Calacatta Oro marble

Grigio Orobico

Pearl frames

Zwart softtouch lamellen

Stone high-gloss lamellen

Brons softtouch lamellen

Champagne high-gloss lamellen

Caramel softtouch lamellen

Caramel Light softtouch lamellen