Beryl Pouf

The gemstone Beryl relieves people of stress, helps you realize your potential and makes you goal-oriented.

The pouf Beryl has added character to many interiors, so that the finishing touch is a design statement.
The pouf complements your chosen style through the use of many colors and materials. The materials are diverse: velvet, linen and mixed yarns, guaranteeing a luxurious end result.

Please contact us or one of our dealers for further details of the custom options available. We can then proceed to truly bring your idea to life.


Available sizes: ⌀45x40cm / ⌀75x33cm / ⌀90x33cm / ⌀120x33cm

Beryl fabric

Danilo 002

Danilo 003

Danilo 006

Danilo 007

Danilo 008

Danilo 0010

Danilo 001

Jade 013

Jade 009

Jade 0016

Jade 0010

Jade 008

Jade 0011

Jade 003

Jade 006

Jade 0014

Snow White

Aspen Ivory

Lorenzo Perle

St. Moritz

Treasure White