Furniture design is always accompanied by a visualisation of those furniture creations in an interior. In addition to furniture design, Dami Luxury Interior has been able to realise a number of beautiful projects in collaboration with fellow designers.

“There is no room for concessions when it comes to the details, the material and the design as a whole.”


Apartment, the Netherlands

The perfect combination of natural colours with luxury materials such as marble, leather and oak.

Penthouse, the Netherlands

The combination of dark marble and light fabrics create a calm, luxurious feel.

Apartment Marbella

The render images of this new project, an apartment in Marbella, speak for themselves!


Our stand at MASTERS. EXPO 2022 is a perfect example of the most unique living room.

Villa, The Netherlands

During this project, we were responsible for providing the most unique furniture.

Redesign of luxury office

The new entrance design of this office building consists of the latest and most luxurious designs.


Using natural tones with distinctly luxurious accessories unifies this project.

Domestic Villa

The use of natural tones combined with various marbles gives this villa a domestic feeling.

Luxury Office Building

Rich materials and furniture immediately give this office building a sense of class and success.

Villa Brabant, The Netherlands

The grand entrance to this house sets the tone for the design of the rest of this villa in North Brabant.

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